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The interface of ZL-Dos WordPress theme is inspired on the MS-DOS ANSI graphics, using the color scheme of a VGA monitor.


  • 2 optional dropdown custom menus (header & footer).
  • 3 optional widget area (first & second sidebar & footer).
  • 8×16 px multiple monospace base grid.
  • ZL-Fixedsys font included.
  • Search engine optimized.
  • Featured image option for summaries.
  • ContactForm7 & ContactForm7 widget templates.
  • Admin theme options menú with the possibility of:
    • Changing the position of the sidebars: left, center, right or none.
    • Choosing between 2 different predefined color schemes: monochrome or cga.


NOTE: zl-dos uses css rules not accepted by Internet Explorer, so the look in this navigator is not the same. Be sure you agree with the look in Internet Explorer before you use this theme.